buttonDiscovering The Divine Mother Within and Without

buttonCircle Mother Webinar Series Women's Spiritual Circle Facilitator / Certification Program

Part One:Discovering the Divine Mother within, starting September 2017

Part Two : Embodying the Circle Mother, starting March 2018

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The spiritual Mother archetype is re-emerging into the collective Consciousness of humanity. Her spiritual consciousness and wisdom are re-emerging from within.

Women are taking an important part in bringing Her spiritual qualities of healing, compassion, nurturing, cooperation, unconditional love and earth / body connected Spirituality back to all of us.

The core of this program focuses on nurturing these qualities back into our selves.

As we learn to honor and cherish these qualities in our selves, we can help others to open up to those qualities in themselves.

One of the qualities of the divine Mother is that She integrates all aspects of life into spirituality. Nothing is left out. For this reason the program will also touch on all different aspects of our lives, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

The first phase of the program will focus on your own personal growth and developing a core flame of spiritual practice.

It is internal and spiritual---listening to, opening up to, healing and becoming one with the divine Feminine presence inside your self.

*Discovering the Divine Mother Within* is a very important pre-requisite to the more practical outward second phase of Circle Mother training, but is also a very supportive stand-alone program for all women exploring their Divine Feminine Spirituality.

In the second phase *Embodying the Circle Mother* you will continue to deepen your personal spiritual practices, build confidence in creating and holding the sacred space of a women*s spiritual circle, and learn to facilitate women*s yoga and meditation classes.


Phase One: Program details:

Divine Mother Meditation has evolved out of our need to recognize, heal and rejoice in our selves as women with a woman*s body, mind, emotions and spiritual identity.

We are so blessed that the Divine Mother has revealed Her sweet nurturing presence and honored to share this process with you. This will be a very personal journey for each woman as she discovers her own Divine Mother self.

This transformational course will include:

  • 3 individual mentoring sessions (including a personal meditation lesson) with your spiritual mother minister.
  • 3 live 90 minute webinars (which will also be available as recorded replays).
  • Homework assignments to help you process and dive deep.
  • A weekend group retreat at Hearthaven in the beautiful Ozark hills.


  • September 16, 2017 : Webinar Divine Mother Meditation and Soul Journey
  • October 7, 2017: Webinar Yama and Nyama, The Ethics of Love.
  • October 28, 2017: Webinar :Women's Unique Bio-psychology and Spirituality.
  • November 30 - December 3, 2017: Retreat at Hearthaven, to share our Mother selves and establish new spiritual practices.

COSTS: Whole package is available on a very reasonable sliding fee scale of $600 to $1200 Dollars.

REGISTRATION: Please contact us to reserve your place asap ( no later than September 1 2017). pwschh@centurylink.net / 417-469-2658. We are happy to answer any questions.